Festivals in April

Myanmar New Year Festival (Thingyan Water Festival) (Nation Wide)

Thingyan water festival, the greatest and the merriest, celebrated all over the country which goes together with Myanmar New Year. It features water throwing by the way of relieving of the intense heat of the season and washing away the sins of the passing year. Young and not-so-young people have great fun throwing at one another, teasing, singing, dancing and shouting during the festival. If you take part in this festival, you’ll feel really awesome. But Thingyan is not all for fun and play. It is also a time for performing meritorious deeds. Some do religious deeds at monasteries. As a whole, during Thingyan period everything becomes dear. The event is quite obvious and the feeling can’t be described in words.

Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda Festival (Bago)

This festival begins the day after New Year’s Day in go. It lasts for seven days. Classical theatre troupes perform their best here so they will be booked by agents for the next pagoda festival season. With the advance money they make new costumes and settings and rehearse throughout the monsoon Buddhist Lent period.