Festivals in December

Popa Guardian Spirits Festival (Mount Popa)

This Spirits festival begins full moon day of Nadaw. During six days festival, the two spirit figures on either side of the Tharaba Gate at Bagan are the brother and sister spirits lord of the Mountain and the Lady Golden Face who protect home or country. A festival takes place at Mount Popa, near Bagan in their honour.




Kyaik-hti-yoe ‘Golden Rock’ Pagoda Festival

Golden Rock pagoda festival is one of the most famous festivals, and nation-wide both for local and foreign visitors. It is held on the evening of December 31 in Kyaik-hti-yo ‘Golden Rock’, Mon State. On the platform of the Kyaik-hti-yo ‘Golden Rock’, pagoda devotees light nine thousand lamps to welcome the New Year and to give thanks to Buddha’s peaceful philosophy. The magical Golden Rock Pagoda, a golden spire, sits on top a huge boulder covered with gold leaf and perched on the edge of a cliff.