Festivals in March

Shwedagon Pagoda Festival (Yangon)

It is one of the wonders of the world of to-day, was believed to have built over 2005 years ago where the Buddha’s relics were enshrined. The festival is usually held on the full moon day of Tabaung which is being in March. The traditional snacks and local products are displayed and sold in many stalls along the side ways to Shwedagone pagoda. It is worth moment for visitors to see how bustling Myanmar people enjoy their holiday and how they participate in religious activities of festivals.


Maw Tin Zun Pagoda Festival (Pathein)

In the southwest coast of Myanmar, Maw Tin Zun pagoda festival celebrates for 10 days on 1st Waxing Moon day of Tabaung. This is the only seaside pagoda festival of importance. It is accessible from Yangon by a pleasant boat ride to Pathein, an interesting delta town famous for its pretty parasols.

Ko Gyi Kyaw Spirit Festival (Sagaing Division)

Ko Gyi Kyaw is a happy spirit who loves to drink and gamble and see his worshippers sing, dance and be merry. He is the patron of gamblers. This annual festival in his honour is celebrated in his home town, Pakhan, Yayza Gyo Township on 1st Waxing Moon day of Tabaung.




Pindaya Shwe Oo Min Pagoda Festival (Southern Shan State)

Well known for its extensive limestone caves over millions of years ago. Shwe Oo Min Cave Pagoda festival is as well celebrated on full moon day of Tabaung, starts a week before full moon day. Thousands of devotees from villages around the area come to pay homage to the images of Buddha in the cave. There are some 6000 Buddha images and interesting stalagmites.



Kakku Pagoda Festival (Taunggyi, Southern Shan State)

Annually, Kakku Pagoda festival is also held on full moon day of Tabaung. The devotees come from Pa-O villages to the pagoda for paying respect and enjoy the days under the very huge banyan trees surrounding the pagodas. There are over 2000 ancient pagodas in Kakku pagoda compound. The Pa O people dress up their best costumes and getting to know each other while others come by their bullock carts to the festival.