Festivals in October

Elephant dance Festival (Kyauk Se)

The elephant dance festival is held on full moon day of Thadingyut in Kyauk Se, a town (50 Km) away from the south of up-country old capital of Mandalay. With chronicle, Kyauk Se remains a conservative Myanmar town and religious traditions and cultures are still very much a part of the daily life. The life-size of an elephant made of bamboo frame and cloth paper and as much gilt foil and glitter they could put into the construction. The elephant performed by 2 men get inside of the hollow elephant and moving like lively elephants, followed by some traditional musicians. For the annual dance competition, the candidates compete not just for the best performance, but for the most beautifully decorated elephant as well. To the annual festival, over 150000 visitors from different regions come to participate for its performance of historical elephant dances.

Thandingyut Festival

The Light festival is held one day before the full moon day of Thandingyut, the full moon day and one day after throughout the country. It lasts for three days. This festival commemorates the time when the Buddha returned to earth after preaching in the abode of celestials during the three months of Lent. He descended at night and devotees greeted Him with lamps and lanterns. People decorate their houses with candles and coloured lanterns to symbolize this event. The festival of Light marks the end of Lent.


Kyaut Taw Kyi pagoda Festival (Mandalay)

Kyauk Taw Kyi Pagoda festival begins one day before the full moon day of Thadingyut and celebrates for 4 days in Mandalay. An exciting festival focused on a huge Buddha image carved from a block of marble. It coincides with an annual competition among teams of cane-ball (Chinlon) players. This sport of keeping a rattan ball off the ground without using the hands is not about one side winning and the other losing and is surely the only sport in the world with such a concept.