Festivals in September

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival (Inle Lake, Shan State)

The festival is held annually between on September and October. The duration of the festival is at least 15 days, nation-wide celebrated in Inle Lake, one of the most famous festivals in Myanmar. During the festival, devotees cover the five images of Buddha countless thousands of times with gold leafs; transforming them into round golden spheres, curried by the mythical bird boat and touring around from village to village on the Lake, is the most important and joyous event in Shan State. The five day market takes place every five days, wondering around the floating gardens, floating islands and villages are not to be missed and provides opportunities to see members of national races, such as Danu, Pa O and Palaung and Inn, coming to trade silversmiths ateliers and silk or lotus weaving cottage industries are among the most fascinating attractions in the area. The rainbow colour fabric woven by lotus stems are not found anywhere else on the earth. This festival is one the most recommended by foreign visitors.

Maha Manuha Pagoda Festival (Bagan)

The festival is held on 10th Waning Moon day of Wagaung in Amarapura, near Mandalay. During Five days festival, the festival honours the mother of the two spirit Taung Pyone brothers. She is the Goddess of Popa and her main shrine is on Popa Crest, near Bagan. She is a powerful spirit and protector of women.

Shwezigon Pagoda Festival (Bagan)

Its ceremony is on the full moon day, November 4, there is a ritual of offering a filled alms bowl to a thousand and more monks and novices. Lacquer ware, glazed pots and hand woven cotton blankets are sold by villagers living in the region at this great country fair.