Aureum’s Evening Market Festival


Display of the evening market with 10 traditional shops minimum including with Traditional Games Competitions (Cane Ball, Pillow Fights, Myanmar Martial Arts & local performance training, etc…)

  1. Cheroots Shop (different kind of Myanmar Cheroots Display)
  2. Fortune Teller ( Palm Reading or Astrologer or Tarots Card Reader)
  3. Traditional Massage ( Foot / Reflexology)
  4. Local Souvenir Shops ( Lacquer wares, shell,
  5. Local House Hold Shops ( Myanmar Rattan, Mat, Home Decorative Items, etc)
  6. Myanmar Snacks ( Sweets & Desserts)
  7. Myanmar Light Food ( Coconut Noodle, Mohingar, Kyar San Chet)
  8. Traditional/National Costumes Shop ( For memorable costume dressed-up photo shooting)
  9. Umbrella Shop
  10. Traditional Textile Shop (Textile and Ready Made Items)
  11. Wood Based Exported Quality Home Decoration Shop
  12. Beauty & Accessories Shop
  13. Silverware Shop
  14. Local Artist / Painting Shop
  15. Bar, etc…


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Price Table