Excursion by Car to the Elephant Camp

Excursion by Car- Excursion trip to the Elephant Camp

Elephant camp:

(30 minutes from Ngwe Saung towards Pathein). Come and contribute a little. This is actually also a school for children, and has 32 pupils aged between 5 & 14 years. Get your ticket at the 2 north end of the town just after All Seasons Hotel on the other side of the road.

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Price Table

Price Table

Fire Balloon & Bon Fire

  •  US$ 35  Each for Fire Balloon
  •  US$ -100 Each or Bon Fire

Quad Ski  Hiring Service:

  • (US$ 250 per hour)

JET Ski  Hiring Service:

  • US$ - 200 per hour (In-house Guest)
  • US$ - 250 per hour (Outside Guest)
  • Speed  Boat   -         US$ - 200  (Maximum - 10 Pax)
  • Boat             -         US$ - 150  (Maximum - 6 Pax)