Phonyin Razi Expedition (12 Days)

Adventure Trekking :

A journey through the history, experiencing the outstanding rangland ecosystems!

Mt. Phonyin Razi – Towering 14050 feet above the sea is one of the most beautiful peaks to scale in the region. The unique pattern of Eastern Edged of Himalaya is extraordinary unique floristic region which can represent the region around the central Asiatic highland and continuous Eastern Edged of Himalaya. Generally covered with snow between November and May is about 80 kilometer North – East of Putao. The remoteness and difficult accessibility of the region has helped to maintain the pristine purity of it forest and eco-systems.


Day 01 :   Arrival, Putao

Upon arrival at Putao airport we will be met by Putao Trekking House’s representative and transferred to our lodge. Putao lies in a flat valley, jumping-off point for trekkers who want to explore the region’s deep forests, wildlife sanctuaries and snow-capped mountains etc. Putao town and fort was built during 1914-15 by Commissioner Mr. Hertz along with Fort which later known as Fort Hertz. Later a Missionary basing the Rawan and Lisu tribe as initial and introduce Grapefruit, Washington Naval, Vlincha Orange, Ruby Oranges, King Orange and King Mandarin plus America Lime were introduced. After a brief fresh up take a walk around Putao for the orientation. Dinner and overnight at Putao Lodge.

Day 02 :   Putao – Shangaung – Wasandum (elevation 1450 feet to 4600 feet, then to 2850 feet)

Early in the morning we visit attractive Putao market often fills with colorful ethnic minorities. Later we depart by jeep to upper Shangaung, 10½ mile through the valley across several smaller villages and open fields. Our adventure starts as we get off the jeep and start trek to Wasandum, located at 2844 feet above sea.  This is consider a challenging trek as not only it goes toward the shoulder of Mt, Shangaung at 4606 feet (14½ mile, approx. 7 hour). First 6 mile will be straight up along the trail winding up to the top of Mt. Shangaung from then trail goes all the way down to Wasandum located at the Valley of Namro River. Though the trek itself is challenging but we enjoy the trek goes deep in to primary forests where we see many birds and heard sounds of monkeys in the near distance. Wasandum is a small Rawan tribe village situates by Namro creek. Dinner and overnight at Wasandum guest house.


Day 03  :   Wasandum – Awadum – Ziyadum (elevation 2850 feet to 3540 feet)

Breakfast and we trek to our today destination at Ziyadum, located at 3540 feet above sea. At first we cross Namro creek to Awadum I (3 mile, approx. 2 hour). Awadum is mainly inhabited by Lisu and separate in to two by a large paddy field. From here we walk pass vast paddy field to Awadum II (1½ mile, approx. one hour). From here the trail goes through lush evergreen forests and enjoyable scenery towards Ziyadum (5.40 mile, approx. 3 hour). Ziyadum is the most northwestern and last frontier village in Putao region, mainly resident are Rawan tribes. After a brief fresh up we visit Ziya creek for a fantastic sunset view with a blazing snow Mountains in the west which spark in to steady flowing Ziya creek. Dinner and overnight at Ziyadum guest house.


Day 04 :    Ziyadum – Camp I (elevation 3540 feet to 4980 feet)

Breakfast and we set off for camp I, located at 4980 feet above sea (approx. 5 hour) by the side of Phangran creek. After two hour walking reach to confluence of Phonyin and Phangran creeks. Here we cross Phonyin creek by bridge and keep trek up and down along Phangran creek until we reached to our today destination at camp I (approx. 2½ hour). We enjoy the site and sound of the surrounding while our crew prepare out night meal and camp. Dinner and overnight at camp.


Day 05 :  Camp I – Camp III (elevation 4980 feet to 8020 feet, then to 10000 feet)

We enjoy morning beauty of the nature surrounding while our team prepare breakfast for us. Breakfast and we set off for camp II, situates at 8016 feet above sea (approx. 2 hour) along the route steadily ascending. Lunch stop and continue our today destination camp III, situates at 9996 feet above sea, with the trail mostly step up (approx 3 hour). Dinner and overnight at camp.


Day 06 :    Camp III – Base Camp (elevation 10000 feet to 12000 feet)

Breakfast and set off for today destination at base camp, locates at 12000 feet above sea, (approx. 7 hour). At this point trek become challenging going up and down rapidly. As we gain altitude the climb becomes deeper and strenuous. We reach the base camp after a hard and long day on the rough terrain. The base camp situates rather awkward and not enough space available to pitch more than 2 tents. At this stage it’s not possible to make fire due to heavy snow and no firewood but we just have to get by with cooked meal using gas stove and stay freeze during the night. Dinner and overnight at base camp.


Day 07 :  Base camp – Summit – Base camp (elevation 12000 feet to 14050 feet, then to 12000 feet)

Early in the morning we set off for the summit at 14050 feet above sea (3 to 7 hour). Just about one hour climb to reach on the glacier from where we see a beautiful lake down. If the weather clear we enjoy the view of the many other snowcapped mountains in the region. The view from this spot is spectacular as one literally standing one of the highest spot in the region and most of the other summits were right below you. At this stage weather change may be rapid then ever and the visibility getting limited to just a couple of feet with strong wind. Return back to base camp and spend another freezing night. Dinner and overnight at base camp.


Day 08   : Base Camp – Camp III – Camp II

We bit farewell to Phonyin Razi and set off for our destination camp II passing by camp III which should take us a good 7 hours. Our return journey will be no easier having descended quite rapidly although it was not as strenuous as up journeys. Dinner and overnight at camp.

Day 09  :  Camp II – Ziyadum

We listen to the bird’s call and enjoy the environment. We have a rather relax morning as the distance to day will be much shorter. After early lunch and set off for Ziyadum through the trek ups and down the valley. After a last up hill trek we reached to Ziya plateau with a smoke from the farm which was the first sign of the civilization ever since we left Ziya one week ago. A warm shower by all mean was a greatest enjoyment. Dinner and overnight at Ziyadum guest house.

Day 10   : Ziyadum – Kalang – Wasandum

We have a lazy morning to enjoy the site and sounds of this frontier environment. After early lunch we bid farewell to the locals and head back to Wasandum. Here we took a different route which goes through Kalang (4 mile, approx. 2 hour) through primary forests and cross Phangran creek with suspension bridge. After Kalang we again had to cross another suspension bridge which span Namlang (Mula) river to Awadum I (7 mile, approx. 3 hour).  We have lunch at this village and later trek back to our Wasandum guest house (3 mile, approx. 1½ hour) for the night. Dinner and overnight at Wasandum guest house.

Day 11  :   Wasandum – Shangaung – Putao

Having left the wilderness behind and returning to the clutches of human civilization. As soon as we start the trek goes challenging uphill to the plateau of Mt. Shangaung, before continuing rapidly downhill to Shangaung where our driver meets us and takes us back to Putao. Dinner and overnight at Putao Lodge.

Day 12 :    Departure

Breakfast and perhaps a last minute shopping at Putao market and further visit in and around Putao with suggestion by our guide. Lunch and we afternoon transfer to airport for our onward departure flight to conclude this unique experience.



  • Ground transport (coach, jeep, boat)
  • Accommodation (lodge, local home stay & village house)
  • Escorted English language leader, cook & porters
  • Full board meal, safe drinking water
  • Travel permit



  • Domestic airfare
  • Insurance (please refer to Terms & Conditions)
  • Expenditure on personal nature such as laundry, beverages, gratitude to guides & porters etc.,
  • Any cost associated with transportation of the equipment (except for personal use which is necessary for the trek)


Remark :

Although costing is based on minimum one person, Myanmar Hill Lodges reserves the right to combine to make decent group size due to shortage of trek leaders and support staff.

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