Thaleoo–Thapyaygone–Inne–Loikhaw… (3 Days)

Day 1 :Thaleoo – Thapyaygone                                                                                              

We start from Thaleoo village and move to the side of paddy field that is along the beautiful valley,up to Thepyaygone village which is on the hill side and the lunch with. After lunch,we trek it up to Inne village, a place that we do over night in the community house. .

Day 2 :    Loilake village –                                                                                                                         

After breakfast, we move to another community house in the next village that is called Loikhaw. Have lunch in the CIT house. After lunch, visit tostupa which on the mountain. Then trek up to the top of the mountain and enjoy the great view of Inlelake and its environment. Then we go back for a night stop in community home.

Day 3: Loikhaw – NyaungShwe                                                                                                  

After breakfast, we leave at 8: 30 Am and walk back to Dahlapin village from another way where we have lunch. After lunch, we have to go down to Int-ha village and get a long sugar cane farm. Approach to Mine thauk bridge and end of the service.


TotalWalking (D 1) = 5:00 hrs, Distance (D 1) = 24 Km,
Trek condition (D 1) = 80%up 20% plain (D 3) = 6:00 hrs, (D 3) = 28 Km, (D 3) = 70% plain 30% slope down


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