Nyaung Shwe–Loikhaw– Inne–Htiwarmuu… (4 Days)

Day 1: NyaungShwe –Loikhaw – Inne                                                                                            

Start from Nyaung Shwe , we walk up to top of the mountain and get to Loikhaw village where we have lunch. After lunch, we continue to Inne village where we over night at the community house. There are few turmeric, orange plantations all theway long.


Day 2:Inne –Htiwarmuu –Tootan                                                                                                       

After breakfast, we leave at 8:00 Am and climb up to Yan Aung mountain range, stop at Htiwarmuu village on the mountain and have lunch there. After lunch, we walk along the mountain range and enjoy your breath. Proceed Naungdel, and arrive to Htootan village.We stop for a night at local house.


Day 3 : Tootan – Htiwarmuu – Inne                                                                                          

After breakfast, we start leave from local house at 8:30 Am. We go beating the road and discover rural life of people living standard in the village. Reach to KyaungHto village where we can have lunch. After lunch, we proceed to Kakku pagada .


Day 4:  Inne – Lwekhor – NyaungShwe                                                                                                 

After Breakfast, we visit to Kakku pagoda. Then we take a car to Taunggyi and have lunch at Taungggyi. After that we go to Inle by car. Option (A) Comeback to Inle via Tanggyi by car
(B) Boat to Seson, continue to Inle.


Total Walking (D 1) =5:00 hrs, Distance (D 1) = 24 Km, Trek condition (D 1) = 20%up 80% plain

(D 2) = 5:00 hrs, (D 2) = 24 Km, (D 2) = 75% plain 25% slope down

(D 3) = 5:00 hrs, (D 3) = 24 Km, (D 3) =20%up 60% plain 20% slope down

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