Cooking Tour in Hoi An: A Gastronomic Adventure



8:15 AM - Welcome and Briefing Greet the day with excitement as we meet at our designated point. Enjoy a refreshing welcome drink while we provide a brief overview of the delectable journey awaiting you.

9:00 AM - Hoi An’s Vibrant Main Market Embark on a sensory expedition to Hoi An's lively main market. Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors, captivating sounds, and enticing aromas. Interact with local sellers, tasting and exploring the diverse array of foods on display.

Boat Cruise to Red Bridge Cooking School:

10:00 AM - Scenic River Cruise Embark on a leisurely 25-minute boat cruise along the Hoi An River, capturing glimpses of local river life. Keep your camera ready for picturesque moments along the way.

10:30 AM - Explore Herb and Vegetable Garden Arrive at the Red Bridge Cooking School and delve into their herb and vegetable garden. Gain insights into the freshness of Vietnamese ingredients, setting the stage for an authentic culinary experience.

Cooking Class:

11:00 AM - Culinary Masterclass Engage in a 2-hour cooking lesson guided by the skilled chefs of Red Bridge. Watch as each dish is demonstrated before you try your hand at recreating the magic. Delight in a brief introduction to Vietnamese food carving, adding an artistic touch to your plate.


1:00 PM - Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor Sit down and relish the dishes you've prepared, surrounded by the picturesque setting of Red Bridge Cooking School. Share stories and laughter, savoring the fruits of your culinary labor.


2:00 PM - Depart with Culinary Skills and Full Bellies Bid farewell to the Red Bridge Cooking School, carrying not just recipes but the essence of Vietnamese cuisine. Leave with a satisfied palate, newfound cooking skills, and lasting memories of an unforgettable day in Hoi An.

Embark on this gastronomic adventure, where the flavors of Hoi An come to life through a hands-on cooking experience. Immerse yourself in the vibrant market, cruise along the tranquil river, and savor the joy of creating and indulging in authentic Vietnamese dishes.

🎁 Inclusions: 🎁

βœ… Market visit and boat cruise
βœ… Cooking class at Red Bridge Cooking School
βœ… Cooking session at a local family's home
βœ… All ingredients and cooking equipment
βœ… English-speaking guide
βœ… Meal with the dishes we have prepared
βœ… Guided tour of Hoi An's Old Town