Hoi An Culinary Adventure: A Delightful Cooking Tour

Day Highlights:


8:15 AM - Welcome Drink and Briefing Kickstart your day with a refreshing welcome drink at our meeting point. Get ready for a culinary journey as we provide a brief overview of the exciting activities lined up for the day.

9:00 AM - Explore Hoi An's Vibrant Market Embark on a sensory-filled adventure at Hoi An's bustling market. Engage with local sellers, savor the delightful aromas, and witness the vibrant colors of the fresh produce. Learn about the key ingredients that make Vietnamese cuisine so unique.

Boat Cruise to Red Bridge Cooking School: 10:00 AM - Scenic River Cruise Embark on a leisurely 25-minute boat cruise along the Hoi An River to the enchanting Red Bridge Cooking School. Capture the essence of local river life and ensure your camera is ready to capture the picturesque views.

10:30 AM - Explore Herb and Vegetable Garden Upon arrival at Red Bridge, immerse yourself in the beauty of their herb and vegetable garden. Gain insights into the freshness and authenticity of Vietnamese ingredients.

Cooking Class: 11:00 AM - Culinary Masterclass Embark on a 2-hour cooking lesson with the talented chefs at Red Bridge. Witness the demonstration of each dish before trying your hand at recreating the magic. Dive into the art of Vietnamese food carving for a touch of plate decoration.


1:00 PM - Enjoy Your Culinary Creations After the hands-on cooking experience, sit down to savor the delicious dishes you've prepared. Share stories and laughter in a convivial atmosphere, surrounded by the picturesque setting of Red Bridge Cooking School.

Conclusion: 2:00 PM - Depart with Culinary Skills and Memories Bid farewell to your hosts, taking with you not only newfound culinary skills but also memories of a delightful day filled with flavors and cultural insights.

Join us on this culinary escapade in the charming city of Hoian, where every dish tells a story and each bite is a journey through Vietnam's rich culinary heritage.