Q – 1 : What currency do you use in Burma? What is the current exchange rate for that currency against the US Dollar?

Ans : The local currency used is called Kyat (pronounced “chat”, abbreviated as Ks). The currency exchange rate is around 800 Kyats against the US Dollar.

Q – 2 : During travel in Burma, can we be able to use our credit cards? If so, what types of credits are commonly accepted? If not, what types of currencies should we bring?

Ans : Currently, credit cards are generally accepted in Burma. We advise you to bring enough US Dollars for your travel, accommodation, shopping and dining expenses. Some travel agencies and hotels may accept but you have to check with them before you come.

Q – 3 : How much should I bring for within country travel?

Ans : The amount of US Dollars you should bring will depend on your length of stay and which part of country you will be traveling.

Q – 4 : Our vessel will be working in Burma sometime in middle of November, I have quite a few crew whom needs to apply the Burma Business visa. I came across this website and found out that I could actually send in the photos and details directly to get the pre-approval. Can we apply visa on arrival?

Ans : We only have procedures to process Tourist Visa at Yangon Airport. For any other, we have to handle case by case basis.

Q – 5 : We heard that all Tourists have to pay 200 US$ to exchange into FEC (foreign exchange certificates) Is it true?

Ans : No. You don’t have to change 200 US$ into FEC anymore.

Q – 6 : We are looking to travel to Burma for a few days from Changmai next Sunday and was about to get a visa. Can we apply visa-on-arrival?

Ans :Yes you can. But you have to apply it 2 weeks ahead if you are entering Burma other than Yangon Airport. You will be required to pay the fees prior to your arrival.