Our Team


soeMs. Theingi Soe – Managing Director 

My goal in life has always been working in the Tourism Industry. At the same time I felt a strong drive to doing my own business.. In 2004 I felt “now it’s time to set up a travel agency by myself”. I named it Exotic Myanmar Travels & Tours because my country is really colorful from all points of view; cultural, religious, historical, sun beaches …..
We work with a young and energetic team because they feel the passion for satisfying the real needs of the tourists and to pull out the utmost of themselves. It’s really nice working together with them. That makes us confidential.

A young and ambitious team of dedicated colleagues, eager to serve, like to present themselves.



Mr. Bhone Pyae Aung – Assistance Operation Manager

I’m 25 years old and worked in tourism ever since I graduated at university 4 years ago. I worked in all departments of our agency which I joined 3 years ago. I can’t find any better job than this one. The challenge is the customer, especially resolving some difficulties which we encounter when finding the best travel option. I traveled to Singapore and Thailand, but would love to go to the USA for more education and study there.



Mr. Aung Naing Tun – Assistance Marketing Manager
My desire for the future is setting up my own travel agency because I want to do business in tourism. I like that. In EMMT I learn this profession. I only have traveled in my own country for the job, but if I would have the opportunity to travel abroad the choice would be easy: the USA. Why? I want to see how Americans do business.




Ms. Cho Cho Thet – Assistance Sales Manager 
Since when I studied Economics, I wanted to change to Tourism. After graduating in 2009 I immediately began to work in tourism. Nowadays, I feel satisfied having made the change because I’m at the right place. I’ve 1 year experience in the office here and like the atmosphere in our team.




Mr. Aung Myo Oo – Ticketing Manager

I’m very young, just 23 years old, but very eager. After my graduation at the Faculty of Education, I started working in my first travel agency before joining EMTT two years ago. I haven’t planned to work in tourism, but I find the cooperation with my other colleagues in the office so good that I stay put. In some years I’ll want to start my own business. I just have traveled in my own country, but if I get a chance, I would like to pay a visit to the USA looking how their living standard is.



Mr. Thet Paing Soe – Operation 

As a third year’s student at the Faculty of English language at the university, I was looking for possibilities to practice my English and found it in a travel agency. English is the most important language to know in tourism. So, I’m very grateful to this. Not many will have these possibilities. I like traveling, I like to speak English, I like football, so my preferred destination would be France.



Ms. Ohn Mar Win – Finance Manager

After graduating my economy study at the university, I started as accountant and taught this subject at home to students. Then I was lucky to get a job in a travel agency 11 years ago until I came to work for EMTT as part- and full time finance manager. It’s a very varied work which I like very much. I’ve traveled to Singapore and Thailand. My desire is to travel to all Asian countries.



Ms. Khin Nilar Khaing – Sales Manager 

From the time of my study it was very clear for me that I wanted to work in tourism. Why? Because I like the combination of traveling, and dealing with the travel needs of the customers. I found my favorite place and will try to make my next step as sales manager. Since 3 years I’ve been working in tourism and since 10 months in EMTT. I know all the tourist spots of Myanmar as the back of my hand. Our land’s unique beauty is what I want to transmit to my customers.



Mr. Ye Htut Aung – Assistance Sales Manager 

I’m very eager to know as much as possible about Buddhism. That’s why my dream would be to visit Tibet’s monasteries. I graduated in English at university level. Right after, almost 3 years ago, I began working in tourism. The reason is because I like traveling, but most of all I can use my English language in my job every day trying to satisfy my customer’s needs.



Ms. Thaw Phyu Phyu Htay – Assistance Accountant Manager 

I like to work as an accountant and found this position after working in many different jobs, here in the office. Graduating in Economics (in 2000) is one thing, but finding the right place, is another story. My favorite travel destination is the USA.


myatMs. Myat Noe Lwin – Air-Ticketing

My working career has just started 5 months ago in this travel agency. It’s not that I dislike my department, but would like to broaden my horizon in other departments to get a complete knowledge. My favorite destinations are Dubai and Vietnam. Dubai because it’s a great city near the desert and Vietnam because of its natural beauty.





Mr. Tin Myo Than – Operation

Born in 1964, I’m one of the oldest in this agency and have done many different jobs in my life. Since I like to travel – I’ve been in Thailand – and doing business, I’m here to learn about tourism and set up one of my own in the future. My dream destination would be Australia.




Mr. Gerrie Kunz – Marketing Manager

As only foreigner (Dutchman) to work in a Burmese environment, is really an honor. Cooperating together in dealing with the traveler’s requests makes you understand from within how locals think, act, talk, feel: a real, direct insight into the values and traditions of the culture. Their social and economic back-grounds make it often very difficult for them to have any career ambition. Personally, I’m not feeling isolated, lonely or “old” in regard to my at least 2 times younger co-workers, exactly because of the Burmese style of hospitality towards foreigners, in particular Westerners.



Mr. Hsu Thie – Director of Sales

I’m working 4 years in tourism and like it because this is the future for our country. It gives me a lot of satisfaction and self-esteem when my customer is happy about the trip I customized for him or her. At my age of 24 I’m very eager to satisfy my clients. I’ve been traveling in most regions of my country, but my dream will be traveling to Italy, especially to Venice. Why? Learning other cultures enriches me a lot. In the future I would like to establish a DMC by myself.



Ms. Su Yee Mon – Sales Manager

Five years ago I graduated in Tourism and Hospitality at the age of 22. Since then I’ve worked in different travel agencies before coming to EMTT some months ago. My work is my passion and I like most if the customer is satisfied with my work. I traveled to Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Working in the tourism industry is the favorite place I want to be. You learn so much about life, get a lot of friends. It’s the place where I feel happy.