Who are We?

Exotic Myanmar Travels & Tours is

  • Adventure: trekking and hiking along untrodden paths, but also tours with passion, admiration and involvement.

  • Active experience: watching but participating too. Smelling, feeling, tasting, looking, hearing.
    Walking, cycling, swimming, cooking, but also lying in the grass as a sluggard because overwhelmed by the magnificent experiences.

  • Encounter: with diversity which is enriching, with fellow travelers, with your-self. Planned and unplanned encounters
    is maybe the essence of traveling.

  • Sustainable traveling: we aim a balance between people, planet, profit and pleasure, but also support the local economy.

  • Holidays: having fun, discovering, learning, sharing, idleness, making friends, enjoying good food, drinking,
    laughing, entertaining, freedom, good mood, joy, having time feeling “I’m living”.