Inle – Hti Ne – Inle Lake

Inle – Hti Ne – Inle Lake:

Trekking starting point is at Magyigone village, the eastern shore of the lake. Soft & hard trek to the summit which is harmony with the blue and hazy mountain range. Visit a traditional Pa O village at Hti Ne. Take a forward up the mountain to Hti Ne. Village is located about 20 km from Inle lake. Along the way enjoy the further end view of plantation fields on the slop, you will get bird eye’s view over the lake and it environment. Lunch at Hti Ne with Pa O style. Observe the ways of life of rural people and descending down to Inle by passing through other villages. Return back to respective hotel by boat.

Total walking time = 7 – 7.5 hrs

Trek condition : 30% up, 20% slop down and 50% plain. (Hard Trek)

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